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It's Almost Here! - The Christ Collection

Newford spreads the gospel of Christ through its inspirational and authentic products. It is our goal to DISPLAY THE LOVE OF CHRIST through our products, services, and community outreach programs that enable Newford to love the lost, the hungry, those who mourn, the widow, and the orphan as Jesus stated at Matthew 25:35-36, 40.

The Made Collection - MBG Design

Rockin' MBG design by Newford Apparel, LLC.

The Mark Collection Premium T-shirts

Here it is! The Mark Brushed version premium tee. 
Declare your faith boldly. This is the season to be MARKed for Christ. Declare your faith through the way you lie, how you speak, and what you wear.
Video Commercials Credits & Production Team: Music by Mersy Producer/Media Director – Deaidre Newby Videographer/Photographer – Jeanne Smith & Deaidre Newby Models – Felicia Crawford, Kne’Elle Taylor, Shamah Taylor & Stasha Scott

The Mark Design Origin: Part 1

Felicia Crawford, the CEO of Newford Apparel, LLC answers the question, how did The Mark design come about?


 The Origin of The Mark: Part 2

Part 2: Felicia Crawford, the CEO of Newford Apparel, LLC, continues to answer the question, how did The Mark design come about, and the importance of the Aleph and Tav which are reflected in the design of the shirt?

Video Commercials Credits & Production Team: Music by Prince Redeemed Media Director - Deaidre Newby Executive Directors/Producers - Felicia Crawford & Deaidre Newby


The Mark Brushed Version Pre-Sale Website Link

You have asked for it and here it is. The Mark Brushed version Pre-Sale website link. Remember, Newford Apparel online Pre-Order store will only be available for a limited time - Aug 17 through Aug 31. The official website will be available on September 7. So, get your first limited edition before the pre-sale ends on August 31 at 

Bloopers & Camera Malfunction

The things that happen when you forget to pause or turn off the cameras. 

We Got Next - Newford Apparel - Sept 7 2020

Newford Apparel - Christian apparel with a flare
• communicating the gospel message through clothing
• producing apparel that represents the kingdom of God
• expressing the kingdom through message, style, and color
Everything we create has kingdom significance that glorifies the King of Glory.
Video Credits: Music – Kingdom Established by Mersy Video clips provided by Jason By Hand, Brian Singler, Will Stone, Nina Meredith, and Melissa Horton
Collection several things grouped together or considered as a whole More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)